The Fierce Claw

Once, felines and canines used to live together in peace. But skirmishes over territory and prey began to erupt, and that peace may not last any longer...
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Moon Phase
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Please contact an admin before applying for these positions. Also contact the leader of the Pack/Pride.

  • King
  • Lead Shaman
  • Lead Guard
  • Lead Hunter
  • Lead Shaman
  • Lead Guard
  • Lead Hunter
  • King
  • Deputy
  • Lead Shaman
  • Lead Guard
  • Lead Hunter
  • Alpha Male
  • Deputy
  • Lead Hunter
  • Alpha Male
  • Alpha Female
  • Deputy
  • Lead Guard
  • Lead Hunter
  • Alpha Male
  • Deputy
  • Lead Guard
  • Lead Hunter
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SnowPack Lead Shaman
SnowPack Lead Shaman

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Miyuki Empty
PostSubject: Miyuki   Miyuki Icon_minitimeJanuary 16th 2016, 4:25 am

Miyuki Snow_wolf_by_indigobloom1-d6thbg5
Personal Info
Name: Miyuki
Alias: Deep beautiful snow
Gender: female
Age: Adult
Species: Gray Wolf
Personality(At least 1 Paragraph!(5-7 sentences)):
Miyuki is a mainly positive shaman, very confident in her abilities and she doesn't let anyone change her ways unless she asks for change. Also she is quiet observant as she may be the first one to notice someone's worries but she doesn't go try solving their problem unless they tell her or is it too serious to stand by. You may think she is nice but she isn't all that sweet, she can get annoyed easily and that can get her angry. Also you wouldn't want to see her standing out in the sun, being moody. However she enjoys company, just try not to talk stupid to her though.  

-Most Adults and Elders
-All sorts of plants
-Places that don't have snow
-Most Pups and To-bes
-Stupid wolves
-Anyone going all sweet and romantic on her.
Fears: She fears that one day there will be a war where everyone will be badly injured and she couldn't save them all. Another fear that she may be sick and she can't cure anyone including herself.

Size: 3.5 feet
Eye color: Grayish ember
Fur color: Silver
Objects/clothing: Mistletoe earrings
Appearance: A very fluffy she-wolf.

Pack/Pride Information
Pack/Pride: Snowpack
Rank: Shaman?  
Family: N/A
Mate: N/A
Pups/Cubs: Nope

Skills and Abilities
Strengths: She naturally knows where to find the herbs by sniffing them down.
Weaknesses: She isn't trained as a fighter so an experienced attacker can bring her down. Also because of her thick fur, she tend to get hot quickly in the hot sun and long fur slows her movement as well.
Combat Style: Basic attacks like biting and claw swipe.

History: Not much of a history but Miyuki was born into the Snowpack, ever since she was a pup she was impressed by the Shaman's skills and talent so she wanted to be a shaman.
RP Sample: Miyuki was foraging into the snowy white forest, sniffing out for herbs as well. Her silver fur gleamed in sunlight, blending into the snow. A moment later, she have spotted some mint down by the lake, she went to gather them. Those will be useful she thought, putting them into her mouth before heading off again.
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Admin and LightPride Deputy
Admin and LightPride Deputy

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Miyuki Empty
PostSubject: Re: Miyuki   Miyuki Icon_minitimeJanuary 17th 2016, 11:50 pm


Accalia, Kelta

Awesomeness Drawn by Peeps:

Want to draw something for me? It will be put in any of my alts signature according to who is in the drawing.
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