The Fierce Claw

Once, felines and canines used to live together in peace. But skirmishes over territory and prey began to erupt, and that peace may not last any longer...
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Moon Phase
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Please contact an admin before applying for these positions. Also contact the leader of the Pack/Pride.

  • King
  • Lead Shaman
  • Lead Guard
  • Lead Hunter
  • Lead Shaman
  • Lead Guard
  • Lead Hunter
  • King
  • Deputy
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  • Lead Guard
  • Lead Hunter
  • Alpha Male
  • Deputy
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 Entos, Shadepack Hunter

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ShadePride Hunter
ShadePride Hunter

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PostSubject: Entos, Shadepack Hunter   September 5th 2015, 9:40 am

Personal Info
Name: Entos
Alias: Ent, Enty (OOC)
Gender: Male
Species: Panther (Black)
Personality(At least 1 Paragraph!(5-7 sentences)): Etnos is extremely protective of his pride. He is hostile to all intruders, specifically the packs. Though he isn't the type to attack on sight, he doesn't like it when others set paw on Shade-pride's land. Ent is loyal to the end, ready to fight to the death for his pride. He particularly doesn't like gatherings, as they involve all the other packs and prides, which makes him uncomfortable.
Likes: Shadepride, night, hunting, frogs.
Dislikes: The packs, intruders, those who are not Shadepride, early morning.
Fears: That his pride will die, or that he will be exiled.

Size: Height: 4 feet tall Length:6 feet long.
Eye color: blue-gray
Fur color: Black
Objects/clothing: Nope!
Appearance: Entos is covered in black fur, (though the spots on him are sometimes visible.) He is very lean and a little scrawny. His eyes are a gray-blue color. Often he squints in daylight, which is why he likes Shadepride's territory so much. He has large, powerful paws and long legs.

Pack/Pride Information
Pack/Pride: Shadepride
Rank: Hunter (Will apply for king when approved.)
Family: Shademuzzel (m) and Fernbelly (f) (Dead and dead.)
Mate: N/A (looking)
Pups/Cubs: N/A

Skills and Abilities
Strengths: Fighting, hunting, running, very intelligent, stealthy.
Weaknesses: Overly hostile, bright light blinds him, relies on brute force.
Combat Style: Tackling someone at full force, pinning them down and slashing them until they are either dead or flee.

History: He was born during the more chaotic periods of time and when the time came, became a hunter to-be. However, his mother died of green-cough and his father died in battle. He became a full hunter and stuff. The end.
RP Sample:
Entos crept forward slowly, watching his prey. The crow pecked at the earth, oblivious to the danger creeping up behind it. He leaped forward. The bird spread its wings and gave a loud alarm call. Too slow. He swiftly snapped its neck. It would make a good meal for the rest of the pride. The moonlight didn't reach the forest floor, but Ent knew instinctively it was night. He smiled  a little. His favorite time. He padded into the camp, carrying his catch in his mouth.
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Admin and LightPride Deputy
Admin and LightPride Deputy

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PostSubject: Re: Entos, Shadepack Hunter   September 5th 2015, 9:06 pm

Accalia, Kelta

Awesomeness Drawn by Peeps:

Want to draw something for me? It will be put in any of my alts signature according to who is in the drawing.
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Entos, Shadepack Hunter
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