The Fierce Claw

Once, felines and canines used to live together in peace. But skirmishes over territory and prey began to erupt, and that peace may not last any longer...
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Please contact an admin before applying for these positions. Also contact the leader of the Pack/Pride.

  • King
  • Lead Shaman
  • Lead Guard
  • Lead Hunter
  • Lead Shaman
  • Lead Guard
  • Lead Hunter
  • King
  • Deputy
  • Lead Shaman
  • Lead Guard
  • Lead Hunter
  • Alpha Male
  • Deputy
  • Lead Hunter
  • Alpha Male
  • Alpha Female
  • Deputy
  • Lead Guard
  • Lead Hunter
  • Alpha Male
  • Deputy
  • Lead Guard
  • Lead Hunter
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 Territory Guides

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Admin/Founder and LightPride Queen

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PostSubject: Territory Guides   Territory Guides Icon_minitimeJuly 21st 2015, 3:30 pm

Territory Guides Thefierceclawmap_by_seacca-d9q2v32

AirPride Territory

At the edge/start of AirPride territory, there is a tall, wooden bridge that leads up to a floating island (called Aero Island; "aero" means "air" inĀ Esperanto). The island has other bridges that lead up to caves. The low caves are the hunter and guard caves, the middle ones to-be caves, and the high ones the caves of the king, queen, deputy, shamans, and cubs.
There is also a spare island that has a small water pool in the center. AirPride is not often found at the river because of this. Skirmishes over territory hardly happen on AirPride territory because nobody wants their territory and they don't want anyone else's.
AirPride territory borders the river and ShadePride territory.

ShadePride Territory

ShadePride territory is dark and empty - the only sounds you would hear are the occasional screeches of a crow and the ShadePride felines themselves. The forest at the far end of the territory (where their camp is) is dark and spooky. Light never filters through the treetops and prey is scarce. Not that ShadePride minds. They are used to being scrawny.
There aren't many skirmishes over ShadePride territory because nobody wants it. The floors are hard and uneven - made out of rocks, sand, flint, and gravel. Their dens are made of caves with bramble protecting them.
ShadePride territory borders AirPride territory, the river, and LightPride territory.

LightPride Territory

LightPride's forest is very bright - many gaps through the trees allow sun and moonshine to filter through and light up the clearings. LightPride camp is near the center of the territory. Their dens are made of woven sticks, vines, and bracken - with many gaps to allow light.
Although they don't share a border with BirchPack, the two tribes often fight over territory because they both love lush forests. The skirmishes usually end without a winner, though.
The floors are nice and soft, with plenty of flowers to decorate the place up.
LightPride territory borders ShadePride territory and the river.

ScorchPack Territory

ScorchPack territory is hot and musky to all creatures besides those that live there. Few trees are scattered here and there, except for a large circle of trees that provide shade. This is where ScorchPack camp is. Dens are made of rocks, sand, bracken, vines, and bramble.
ScorchPack and BirchPack often have small skirmishes, yet these also usually end without a winner.
The floors of the territory are mostly made out of sand, flint, and gravel, with a few small patches of grass here and there.
ScorchPack territory borders the river and BirchPack territory.

BirchPack Territory

BirchPack territory is about the greenest place you've ever imagined. The grass of the lush forest is green as could be, birch trees dotting the territory every way you turn. The floor is nice and soft and many plants grow there.
BirchPack camp is close to the entrance of their territory. Dens are made of bracken, twigs, vines, brambles, and other nature products of the sort.
BirchPack often gets into skirmishes over territory with ScorchPack and LightPride, though they end without a winner.
BirchPack Territory borders ScorchPack territory, the river, and SnowPack territory.

SnowPack Territory

SnowPack territory is very cold and full of tall rocks and mountains. The ground is cold and slippery and not many want to go there.
SnowPack camp is made inĀ a clearing between the largest mountains. Dens are made of snow, ice, and withered up bracken that was found at the edge of BirchPack territory.
SnowPack territory borders BirchPack territory and the river.

~ Nova

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Territory Guides
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