The Fierce Claw

Once, felines and canines used to live together in peace. But skirmishes over territory and prey began to erupt, and that peace may not last any longer...
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Please contact an admin before applying for these positions. Also contact the leader of the Pack/Pride.

  • King
  • Lead Shaman
  • Lead Guard
  • Lead Hunter
  • Lead Shaman
  • Lead Guard
  • Lead Hunter
  • King
  • Deputy
  • Lead Shaman
  • Lead Guard
  • Lead Hunter
  • Alpha Male
  • Deputy
  • Lead Hunter
  • Alpha Male
  • Alpha Female
  • Deputy
  • Lead Guard
  • Lead Hunter
  • Alpha Male
  • Deputy
  • Lead Guard
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 Desdemona, Jaguar

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PostSubject: Desdemona, Jaguar   Desdemona, Jaguar Icon_minitimeJuly 29th 2015, 10:38 pm

Desdemona, Jaguar 220px-Black_jaguar

Personal Info
Name: Desdemona
Alias: Des, Demon, Misery
Gender: Female
Age: 32 moons
Species: Jaguar
Personality: Desdemona is a cat of few words, though she may ramble aimlessly when excited or nervous. She is rather skittish, and very active. She prefers going out at dawn or dusk, when it isn't too bright or dark. Des can be rather servile, excessively attentive and obedient. The fact that she travels frequently doesn't help, as she feels the need to do something to fit in with her new surroundings. She feels more comfortable taking orders than giving them, but though she's willing to do many things, there are some she won't do, such as contribute to the fights over territory.
Likes: Swimming, hiking, travel, tasty meals, and meeting new people.
Dislikes: She dislikes fights with other cats and canines, and loud noises, such as thunder.
Fears: Des fears getting into an accident or losing a fight that leads to her becoming permanently harmed, unable to help herself or others. Would rather have her enemy near her as she dies than to die alone.

Size: Jaguars are usually among the largest wild cats, but because she was born in ShadePride, she is three feet long, from her to to the base of her tail, and 21 inches tall at the shoulders.
Eye color: Gold
Fur color: Normal jaguars are gold with black spots, but as a melanistic jaguar, her fur is much darker.
Objects/clothing: None
Appearance: She is small for her species and scrawny, with hardly enough weight for muscle.

Pack/Pride Information
Pack/Pride: Rouge, previously ShadePride
Rank: N/A
Family: None in contact.
Mate: None yet, possibly open.
Cubs: None yet.

Skills and Abilities
Strengths: Jaguars have very powerful bites, though crocodile and hyena jaws are stronger. Their compact bodies make them good for climbing, crawling, and swimming, and are usually able to carry heavy prey. Desdemona is also skilled at flattery.
Weaknesses: Desdemona, as a former ShadePride member, is physically weaker than normal and quicker to tire, due to lack of nutrition. Socially, she may be easy to take advantage of.
Combat Style: Rather than chasing her prey, she follows the stalk-and-ambush approach, attacking from her target blind spot. She uses her powerful jaws to pierce through her preys' skulls for a quick kill. When not fighting to kill, she simply seeks to immobilize her opponent and run.

History: Desdemona was born into ShadePride, and was rather happy there. She agreed with many of their ideals, and enjoyed serving their leaders. However, as she grew, she felt a strong urge to travel, and saw little reason to not follow her dream. At first, she had trouble finding shelter, but had no problem with food, given what ShadePride already eats. She met another rouge offering shelter for protection, and was soon sure that she made the right choice.

She moved on from there, of course, and made both better and worse deals in her search for companionship as she traveled. However, she still preferred ShadePride to any other pride or pack, due in great part to their attempted avoidance of territorial skirmishes.
RP Sample: (Quest.)
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Admin and LightPride Deputy

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PostSubject: Re: Desdemona, Jaguar   Desdemona, Jaguar Icon_minitimeJuly 30th 2015, 12:34 pm

Well, I think it looks all good.


Maybe you should meet Kelta when she's done Razz

Accalia, Kelta

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Desdemona, Jaguar
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