The Fierce Claw

Once, felines and canines used to live together in peace. But skirmishes over territory and prey began to erupt, and that peace may not last any longer...
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Please contact an admin before applying for these positions. Also contact the leader of the Pack/Pride.

  • King
  • Lead Shaman
  • Lead Guard
  • Lead Hunter
  • Lead Shaman
  • Lead Guard
  • Lead Hunter
  • King
  • Deputy
  • Lead Shaman
  • Lead Guard
  • Lead Hunter
  • Alpha Male
  • Deputy
  • Lead Hunter
  • Alpha Male
  • Alpha Female
  • Deputy
  • Lead Guard
  • Lead Hunter
  • Alpha Male
  • Deputy
  • Lead Guard
  • Lead Hunter
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ScorchPack Gaurd
ScorchPack Gaurd

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PostSubject: Wynter   Wynter Icon_minitimeJuly 28th 2015, 3:26 pm

Wynter 1zvq1bc
Personal Info
Name: Wynter
Nickname: Wynnie
Gender: female
Age: 2 1/2 years
Species: wolf / golden retriever mix
Personality: She is a lot less dominant than Cairo, often going along with her plans and ideas without hesitation. She is known to be fiercely loyal, and although she does not often show affection, you can tell if she likes you by the way she treats you. She often has very logical opinions, and though some could judge her as cold, her empathy reaches beyond normal borders. She doesn't talk much, but if she does talk, she often does so in a quiet, sarcastic tone. She definitely more introverted, having only a few friends and needing a lot of alone time.
Likes: Cairo, Scarves, snow, birds, breezes, nighttime, sunsets, running, being warm, bunnies
Dislikes: direct sunlight, loud noises, heat, open spaces, big cats, kids, annoying things
Fears: She doesn't like to acknowledge it, but she has a huge fear of spiders. Other than that, she has a fear of abandonment as well.

Size: About the size of a Labrador retriever, 23 inches high (wolves are 31 inches), weighs about 60 lbs (wolves weigh 110 lbs). See a size comparison chart with her and Cairo here.
Eye color: pinkish with red flecks
Fur color: light blue to white
Objects/clothing: pink and white striped scarf, several gold piercings, and a broken shackle on her right paw

Pack/Pride Information
Pack/Pride: Scorchpack
Rank: not entirely sure, maybe guard ?
Family: Cairo is not directly related, but they've been together long enough to consider each other family.
Mate: Some wolves would scowl, but Wynter considers Cairo to be her mate.
Pups/Cubs: n/a

Skills and Abilities
Strengths: She is a well known fighter and hunter.
Weaknesses: She is quiet, and often lacks social skills.
Combat Style: Her quietly serious demeanor and restraint in battle make her a passive aggressive fighter. She is not large, so she often allows an enemy to strike first, and uses their strengths against them. When battling against cats, she tries to mimic their agile movements.

History: She was born in the city slums, and quickly swept off the streets by humans. She was then sold into the dog fights, where she fought for over a year. She met Cairo when the dog fights were busted by the police. Cairo was a police dog, and a good one at that. Cairo took her in, and they left the city when Wynter was 1 year and 1/2 old. They wandered for a few moons and finally found the packs. Although Snowpack fit Wynter's personality more, she and Cairo chose to live in Scorchpack.
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Admin/Founder and LightPride Queen
Admin/Founder and LightPride Queen

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PostSubject: Re: Wynter   Wynter Icon_minitimeJuly 29th 2015, 7:46 am


Although I'm going to copy-and-paste Cairo's part onto a new page. Despite the fact they are in the same pack, only one application per page, please.

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